Exciting UK AAA Fake Rolex Watches World Developments To Look Out For In 2023

10th January 2023 0 By admin

We’re only three years into the 2020s. Hard to believe, right? In addition to skewing our perception of time, the pandemic did a number on the cheap UK Rolex replica watches market. As a result, it’s the backdrop to virtually everything we’re highlighting for the year ahead. Buckle up!

The Rolex Daytona‘s 60th Anniversary

In 2016, when Rolex introduced the current iteration of the high quality fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches in steel—the one with the black ceramic bezel—all hell broke loose. “It lit the market on fire,” says Paul Boutros, head of watches in the Americas for the auction house Phillips.

The best replica Rolex watches was so hot that many people say it kickstarted the brand’s meteoric rise on the pre-owned market. “Prior to that ceramic Daytona, you could walk into an authorized dealer and get a steel Daytona with relatively little effort,” says Tim Bender, owner of Fog City Vintage, a pre-owned dealer in San Mateo, Calif. “2016 rolls around and Rolex starts to see these perfect Rolex copy watches are trading for much larger premiums on the secondary market.”

We all know where that lead us, which brings us to this year, the model’s 60th anniversary. Will Rolex strike watchmaking gold again with another iteration of the Swiss movements Rolex Daytona replica watches, or will it overlook the anniversary in favor of its other iconic models’ notable milestones (the 70th anniversaries of the Submariner and Explorer), or even go left field with a reboot of the cult favorite Milgauss? It’s no exaggeration to suggest the watch world is collectively holding its breath.

The Expansion of Certified Pre-Owned Programs

The pre-owned 1:1 Rolex super clone watches business has been growing steadily over the past 20 years, and especially over the past three, but the news on Dec. 1 that Rolex had thrown its hat into the certified pre-owned arena is expected to draw even more interest to the category, not to mention more brands following suit.

So much so that Oliver Müller, founder of LuxeConsult, a watch advisory based near Lausanne, Switzerland, just released an 80-page report in which he predicts the secondary market will triple in value within a decade and by 2033, will be worth 79 billion euros (around $83.2 billion), outperforming the primary market by a longshot.

The consensus among pre-owned dealers seems to be that Rolex’s blessing is good for the pre-owned market in general because it will inspire more people to place their top replica Rolex watches into circulation, bringing greater liquidity and opportunities for everyone.