Ideal UK Best Rolex Fake Watches

24th December 2022 0 By admin

The following are our dream Swiss made Rolex replica watches for 2022.

Replica Rolex Explorer Watches in Solid Yellow Gold

I wear 36mm AAA fake Rolex Explorer ref. 14270 watches almost every day. Don’t believe me? Just watch our recent Watch I Wore Most video. I love the Explorer – especially all references 14270 and later. It was basically the first modern high quality Rolex replica watches, representing a massive design upgrade over the prior 1016 (many a watch lover’s favorite Explorer).

I say this to show that there is historical precedent for making large-scale changes to this model. Cheap Rolex copy watches even upsized the classic timepiece to 39mm for a five-year stint. The thing is, though, that for nearly 70 years this was a fully stainless steel watch, regardless of size. That is, until 2021 when Rolex shocked (and pissed off) a lot of you with the Rolesor, i.e. two-tone, perfect Rolex Explorer replica watches and a return to the coveted 36mm sizing. I am on the record for loving that release, though most of you voiced your disagreement with me in the comments section – harshly.

But as much as I love two-tone, there is no substitute for solid gold. Over the last year or so, I have fallen hard for gold Swiss movements Rolex fake watches – and my jealousy of Jack’s Day-Date is also well noted. So when it came time for me to wish upon a horological star, I looked down at my wrist and thought, “This Explorer would look SICK in solid gold.”

Cue James Stacey putting that dream into Photoshop reality and – I don’t care what anyone else says – I’m not wrong. Just look at it. The pictures speak for themselves. If Rolex doesn’t ever make this watch a reality, I think it would be a big mistake. A solid gold, 36mm luxury UK Rolex Explorer super clone watches … who’s with me?