Inside High Quality UK Replica Rolex Certified Pre-owned Watches’ Hefty Premiums

30th June 2023 0 By admin

Last month, Rolex expanded its certified pre-owned (CPO) watch programme from Europe to the US.

The second-hand timepieces come with a new two-year guarantee – and a hefty price premium. Every model except the best Rolex Daytona replica watches is at least 17 per cent more expensive on average when certified by the crown.

When top Rolex fake watches announced its certified pre-owned watch programme last December, one big question on collectors’ minds was how much this authentication would affect prices.

The answer? A lot.

Used watches that have the official stamp from Rolex currently command a 25 per cent higher price on average across the portfolio, according to data from WatchCharts, a price-tracking platform for UK luxury Rolex replica watches.

In other words, the inspection, certification and two-year warranty – not to mention the confidence that it conveys for buyers – is worth a 25 per cent premium over the price they would pay a traditional reseller for a similar watch.

The CPO programme arrived in the US a little over a month ago at select Tourneau Bucherer boutiques, following an initial phase in Europe and WatchCharts estimates several hundred certified 1:1 online Rolex copy watches have been sold.

There are more than 1,100 CPO Rolex listings currently available online, which WatchCharts compared against the average prices for the same models from non-certified sellers to calculate the CPO premium.

However, the CPO mark-up does not apply uniformly across all models. The more popular AAA replica Rolex watches appear to have a lower relative increase than less popular ones.

There are 42 CPO listings for the highly coveted Daytona available via Tourneau, and the mark-up is just 4 per cent over the price for non-CPO models. Of course, demand for the cheap fake Rolex Daytona watches has had used models selling for prices well over the retail cost.

Less popular models, like the Date, Datejust and Air-King, have much steeper CPO premiums of around 40 per cent, in part because those models tend to sell at or below their retail prices on the secondary market.

The classic Rolex Submariner super clone watches wholesale comes in with a comparatively moderate CPO mark-up of 17 per cent, and there are quite a few available to purchase directly.

With extremely constrained supplies of new Swiss movements Rolex replica watches and years-long wait-lists for certain models, the CPO programme is essentially the only way to buy a Rolex on-demand from an authorised dealer.

Better prices can certainly be found from other sellers and several of those have developed their own processes and strategies to earn buyers’ trust – but for now there’s only one option for buyers who want the full backing of Rolex itself.