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25th February 2023 0 By admin

The luxury brand Rolex and a store will have to supply new AAA Rolex replica watches to a businessman who bought an ultra-resistant R$108,000 model that was damaged after diving. The decision is made by Judge Mauro Nicolau Junior, from the 48th Civil Court of Rio de Janeiro.

In court, the author alleges that he bought an ultra resistant diving Rolex. Less than a month after the date of purchase, the UK cheap Rolex fake watches began to show stains on its glass, “compromising the beauty and value of the product”. He claims that, in view of this, he left the Swiss made replica Rolex watches in the defendant’s shop for repairs to be carried out. He adds that he was informed that the stains would have been caused due to the watch’s contact with water and sunlight, and that it was only necessary to carry out a cleaning.

He points out that the stains reappeared, and the plaintiff returned to look for the defendants, who replied by repeating the justification given earlier, in addition to claiming that the top Rolex copy watches could have come into contact with sunscreens or other creams.

He argues that he was frustrated and disappointed with the flaws presented by the product, in addition to the negligence of the defendant.

When analyzing the case, the judge understood that the luxury Rolex replica watches acquired by the businessman in fact had stains and defects that should not have appeared with so little time of use and in a product of substantial value.

“The disclosed qualities of the watch, notably when intended for diving and use in an aqueous medium, do not allow the author to imagine that it could deteriorate with its normal use. , prove that the deterioration of the product resulted from misuse or under conditions not recommended in the owner’s manual, a burden that they did not extricate themselves from.”

Therefore, Rolex and the store were ordered to replace the watch object of the dispute with new Rolex super clone watches for sale, identical to the one purchased by the plaintiff, or a superior model, which must be done within a maximum and non-extendable period of 10 calendar days from the date of publication of the decision under penalty of a daily fine.

The Queiroz e Andrade Sociedade de Advogados office defends the businessman.